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….In the good way!!

Our monthly variety show is still going strong every 3rd Friday of the month at The Rialto’s Jack London Bar! Our next show is TAX DAY (this Friday April 15th).  We have a comedienne that travelled from half-way across the world, two musicians that have travelled half the world, and a set of clowns that live in their own world.


C’mon down! Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Eat food and support live performance! You can find the details HERE!



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Also, are y’all excited about the return of Game of Thrones? Having a hard time remembering those early seasons?  We have your musical primer right HERE.

Hail and well-met, good Haydell superfans!!

PageBacon PODCAST!

We Haydells were the special guests of the PageBacon podcast!

Listen HERE!

(That’s the last time Mattie will sing oatmeal before singin’.)

The New Year Gets A’Rollin’

Now, after some appropriate winter dormancy, it’s time to look toward THE FUTURE!



FRIDAY NIGHT January 15th, we return with our monthly Variety Show, located at the delightful Jack London Bar (in the basement of The Rialto), Portland OR. Our guests include Emcee Dave Carrico, Comic Stevie Miller, devilishly clever singer/pianist Doug Westberg, and our resident clowns BOX OF CLOWNS.  It’s a good way to shake of that seasonal depression. Doors open at 7:00 pm, so come have some dinner, some drinks, and some show. Details HERE.


NewVaudeville Haydell 2016THEN, on January 30th & 31st, we are pleased as spiked punch (drunk with giddiness) to be part of The Affable Gentlemen‘s NEW VAUDEVILLE show at The Clinton Street Theater. It’ll be an evening of fascinating storytelling and music.  Buy your tickets NOW! (Details HERE.)

As always, we thank you all for caring about we gals.  See you soon!

We’re in L.A.!!

Howdy, y’all! December for the Haydells (like many of you) is a special time, a time to travel lots and lots of miles by car. And currently we are in Los Angeles! Last time we were in the city of Angels, we were pitching a closing credits tune for “Brisco County, Jr.’, so yes, it has been a while since we’ve been here….

We are thrilled to be participating in Cake Batter’s Funny Women Festival (#FWFLA) at iO West. We are paired up with the improv group Yellow Fever, 8:30 pm in The Loft, on Saturday (December 5th). Now, tickets are limited in this cozy space, so if you superfans want to crash the show, plan your crash and by tickets in advance by following the links starting HERE.



         “Guess what part of a joke I am.”

If you are looking for something to do Friday night, we’ll be part of the WHIZ BANG comedy showcase at The Capri (4604 Eagle Rock Blvd, L.A.).  Show starts promptly at 9 p.m., so come on out for some dinner and socialization!

(Hey, Portland and Fresno peeps:  our Christmas shows are coming up over the next two weekends, so don’t feel left out.  We’ll see you real soon.)

Spread the word and preach the Haydell!  It’s the best gift you could give these gals! Like us on Facebook to keep up with our rovin’ ways.




It has been a few months since we’ve returned from tour, and we’re STILL recovering while gearin’ up into the next wave of Festivities!

We’ve been doing a regular weekly Thirsty Thursday night gig at the Rialto Corner Bar (SW 4th and Alder, downtown PDX) that is always an adventure in humanity.  Mix cheap drinks with new songs, and you see the honesty in everyone!  But, for those of you planning on catching us, we won’t be there on Thanksgiving or December 3rd.  Why?  Thanksgiving is…well, Thanksgiving.  And December 3rd, we will be in L.A.! We are participating in Cake Batter’s Funny Women Festival (#FWFLA) on Saturday Dec. 5th, 9 p.m., in the iO’s Loft Theater.  Spread the word to your L.A. friends!


Here at home, we’ll make up for those missed Thursdays.  This Friday, November 13th is our Jacked Up Variety Show , 7:30 pm in the Jack London Bar in the basement of the aforementioned Rialto.  And Saturday, December 12th is our NOT TO BE MISSED Christmas Special!  Details to come, mark the date.


Oh, and we’re having another Christmas show in Fresno, CA on Saturday December 19th! Event page HERE.  Spread the word, and give the gift of entertainment!

Speaking of gifts, there’s lots of Famous Haydell Sisters’ CD available.  Ask us how you can get one or five.



CDs available!

Dear Fans,

We apologize for being bad bloggers. Boy have we had a lot of adventures this summer! We’ve just been too busy to tell you about them. We are presently in Minneapolis, MN for the famed and fabulous Minnesota Fringe Festival. If you are finding this page it is likely that you have recently seen our show. If you like our music, you will LOVE our album, STRIPPED DOWN.

********Click photo to purchase online!

With a combination of some songs featured in our live show and deeper cuts from our extensive catalog of original music, the album is a mature, vulnerable re-visioning of a career by two women looking back on their work while looking ahead to what’s to come. Plus it’s funny. You can get it on Bandcamp OR talk to us after a show or around the streets of the festival to score a contraband hard copy!*


*this message is not endorsed by the Minnesota Fringe Festival.




Quelque chose en francais!

We are still doing six Fringe festivals in a row, you guys! We’re presently at the second stop on this crazy adventure–Montreal! This festival has a reputation for being the “party fringe,” and as two relatively retiring cat lady-types, we can concur. There is enough fun, dancing and absurdity here to last a whole summer. We are doing our best to keep up, but wow you guys. We’re not going to say we have NOT used the tour car as a place to take daytime naps.

Inside our mobile office.
Inside our mobile office.

We’ve gotten a nice write up from Montreal Rampage, who says “Musically talented as all heck, this country comeback tour full of innuendo and pathos is a fun fast-moving hour of good down home country fun.” Well shucks.

We’d also like to shout a round of thanks to Alex and Barb, our superb technicians at Petit Campus. We really feel like we’re back in the Bell Arena again!

Keep tabs on our calendar here on this page to see when we’re coming to a city near you!

Words on the street

We’re halfway into our run at Cincinnati Fringe Festival and the buzz is building!

“You two are like the “Mighty Wind” of country music!”

“It’s like Tom Waits and Woody Allen combined!”

“NOW I get your hair. I saw you in the bar the other night and I was like “uuuuggggh, what is going ON in Oregon?! But now I understand.”

And of course, Cincinnati City Beat has already named us a Critics’ Pick! Click here to read the review by Joe McDonough!

photo (2)

We are on tour!

Fifty cents at a gas station, baby!

There’s no turning back now! We’re presently catching our breath in Houston after a smashing weekend in Fresno. Many thanks to Full Circle Brewing Company and The Voice Shop for providing the venues, and to all our beloved Fresnans for so much support! We can’t say it enough, but WE <3 FRESNO! We are playing a few shows here in the environs of Houston between resting and catching up on tedious administrative tasks before the festival season kicks off in Cincinnati! Drop us a line if you have folks in Cincinnati, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Minneapolis or Edmonton who would like to receive Facebook invitations to our run of shows in their city!




Our massive, ambitious, awesome tour of awesomeness starts for us on May 8 when we hit the road for our first stop in Fresno, CA (en route to Houston, en route to Cincinnati, en route to Canada)! But before we play our bye-bye-for-now shows in Portland, we’re heading up to Seattle for one night only at The Pocket Theatre! 

Friday, April 24


The Pocket Theatre, 8312 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle, WA

$10 in advance, $14 at the door